ok, so to prove im not dead, here is some stuff since I last posted


Morning warmups

I'm trying to work with tech/hard edges more in my work since I feel like a lot of the time it gets really washy and fuzzy. Anybody have good recommendations of people to look at who do this stuff well without making it look like a 3D render? Mullins is an obvious go to, but I don't really understand how he does it...everything is so rough and patchy about his work, yet it all looks solid.

20-30 min warmups.


painting in cinemascope

A 2 hour painting for tonight. Thanks for sharing those links Donal, I'll definitely be checking them out and commenting on everyone's recent posts tomorrow! For now, just this.
Last week at the internship I realized that I was just choosing a lot of arbitrary canvas sizes and thought I'd go for something more cinematic so I went for the letterbox/cinemascope film format which is 2.35:1 or 3300x1404 px. It's really fun to compose within, I recommend you all give it a try since you can't help but make stuff look crazy dramatic in it. Everyone's stuff's looking great and you have helped renew my concepting gusto!



Reference Websites Post

Just wanted to share some great links with everyone.  You may know of most of these, but if not, here ya go!






This guy does some awesome landscape paintings, has a great series of vids.  Had the chance to meet him at Spectrum(BTW SPECTRUM 2 NEXT YEAR!) during my Wizards portfolio review.


Hope this stuff helps.

help :(

ok, I know everyones busy but if you have the time would ya'll be willing to look at this little guy and give me some feed back on how to polish it up some?

also, hows everyone doing so far?  :)

OBIWAN Screen study



I've been trying to do more creatures to further flesh out my portfolio....

Early stage

About 20 minutes in so far, thinking a volcanic landscape.


This is the one hour sketch I did last night...very little direction for it, I just kind of started...and it grew. I think I'll be sharing more concepty stuff soon, since the internship has me inspired to pursue that kind of stuff on my own time more. Everyone's stuff is looking really good, though!


Delvyn dude redux

made some revisions and im a lot happier with it now:)

Witchdoctor styles

Some doodles that ended up having more life than they deserved, figured i would finish them up, and slap em up here! Im trying to be a lot more regular in posting. And who doesn't love robot arms?


Working on some concept stuff, post an update later.  Trying to make this blog a daily thing.

Think I need to make him more dynamic.


Working on the legs a bit.

for right now

so heres the guy, I just need to do his turn around now :)


For Alison

A good example I found once browsing some concept art forum somewhere.

Again not my work. (I wish)



Was doing a Sargent study, got too hung up on details again, killed it for me.  Do another later.


okay so heres a little something that im putting up on my portfolio today, a character turn around, im working on the male version now. also, how have you guys been? :)


Delvyn anatomy study

I knocked this guy out in about 3-5 hrs today, and im fairly happy with the way it turned out. I've been drawing a lot a fantasy stuff ever since skyrim came out and it made me realize that i dont really have that much fantasy stuff in my portfolio, so im going to devote more time to it.

This guy is a Delvyn, a race from another of my little sandbox worlds I like to throw stuff into. Should be more to come from this world, about four other races to inhabit this place. This guy is filling the "little guy" role, kind of a mix of dwarves, dark elf and gnome....

Wizard test, v.1

Well, heres my try at a guard character from the Wizards art test, dealing with culture, and adhering to a predetermined "culture" examples. after spending waaaaaay too much time on this guy, I realized that I dont really care for the style. It just comes naturally after working at oceanside....

anywhoose, I plan on pretty much doing all of the tests, maybe even multiple times, over  the next few months when I have time, but this is my first. I sampled all the colors from the rendered example that they provided, as I think you might have done, Eth. Not exactly the color scheme I would have chosen, but eh...

what do you fellas think?

Quick Late Night Sketch

Working on characters, started this one last night with random shapes, ended up like this.

Was cool to just let go and not noodle around for a result, felt like I was more successful.

slow to return -- DnD art test

So I've cleaned my plate of freelance stuff for the moment and decided, it's time that I do some concept art. Soo I, inspired by Dustin's orc shaman, did one of my own. I feel like I used some mental muscles that I haven't for a while and I'm glad I did, it'll make the next one a lot easier, I hope. Any critique would be much appreciated.

Also, on a separate note, Donal, those enviros you posted look sweet. I will be giving you a comment/critique very soon. For now, I go to bed.

Let's get this blog going again, everybody! Shake out the summer slump and post something this week! I'm sure you're all working on cool stuff anyways, especially in the wake of Spectrum Live.