random noble woman

ok, so another photoshop study, she was probably 3.5 going on 4 hours.  im happy with it, but I think i'm going to start restricting these pieces to just 2 hours in order to force myself to focus on the main points of the designs and not just trying to polish it.

her face was referenced from this fashion book I have.  its actually a great book for just studying womens faces and what not.

but anyway,  here is a random noble woman, with a very very cool hat. I'd wear that thing EVERY day. everyday.

happy new years you guys! lets keep rocking it! :D


blog barf # 3

So just to prove that i have not devolved into a slug, here is everything i could scrap together.....nothing really finished or even that good. but i have been in a giant slump that i feel like im just about to get over.... but i have been sketching like crazy, but none of it is really presentable. Alisons newest work along with some new peeps i found online have really been inspiring me and some new stuff should follow this in a few days....

check these out if you got a chance.....http://theimaginenation.blogspot.com/?zx=81e957b9c5957098

and this....http://conceptcraniopagus.deviantart.com/blog/
(this will take a loooooong time to load)

aaaaaaaand this.... http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/PS3/project_offset/concept_art.html


blog barf #2


last installment for the parasitic crusader, full quicky of the armor and weapon. The flag on the end of the shaft would actually be a long membrane (still trying to carry the parasite theme) that could unfurl or roll in on itself at will.  Maybe it could also snap out at attackers if the bearer is distracted by another foe?  fun times :)

photoshop- 2.5 hours
parasitic armor


well, I've forcefully separated myself from netflix and with all this wonderful time on my hands I decided to crank out another speed painting.  And so here is another version of the same parasite crusader.  Her armor is complete and she's ready to roll, i'll do a farther away piece next to show all of her armor.

photoshop, 3.5 hours - an hour of that was spent on that stinky stinky nose.

early morning doodle, I think i'm going to try and do one of these kind of studies once a day. their small, I get to focus on painting and concept and it makes me really concentrate on form and lighting. anyways.
photoshop-hour and a half
parasitic armor in the middle of consuming its wearer.


my 1 piece a week

ok.... so you guys have already seen this... but it counts!

.... and now I have Skyward Sword so everything is on hold.... everything.

this is another shot of one of the deity's from my video game concept,  its still in the finishing stages but let me know if it feels 'fishy' and 'underwater-y' to you guys  :)

 now I'm off to save the realm!

and change that head.... now that I'm looking at it I dont think I want it to have any eyes...


winter sketching!

I wanted to paint something with a wintery them and I had a couple free hours this afternoon so I opened up painter for a bit. I'd like to see some of you guys do something seasonal, too!


ok, so its been a ridiculously long time since I last posted! I hereby promise to add a piece a week! no excuses!!.... though it might just be thesis stuff for the next couple of months :)

 Here are 2 pieces I did this year that I'm really proud of....  But I have a problem, I cant explain why I like these pieces.  Would you guys be willing to help me figure out what I did with the composition? Why do these pieces look more dynamic than my previous stuff?



Here are some wips, could you guys help me out with advice on how to work with them perhaps? I'm mostly struggling with the costume on the lady and then the foreground area of the left one... suggestions?

edit -- Hey guys I discovered something kinda fun while making brushes today, if you want a nice, irregular texture brush that can mimic the feel of real paint, try making a brush from these photos of sponges I found and then inverted and screwed with the contrast on. They have some really rich texture and are great for blocking in stuff and just keeping texture in your paint. I found them to be really nice for painting clouds.