1. Nice, nice stuff Donal! I did a paintover on the middle one. You make me want to try more enviros! Plus, my portfolio needs them. My critique is included in the image so please check it out.

    My main crit with these lovely landscapes is:
    Be mindful of how you use texture. I know these might be speed paintings (you should share how long you spend on this stuff) but make sure you don't use too many sharply textured brushes on distant objects, it will fight with the sense of space you have going on.

  2. Hey that paint over is great, the sense of depth is what I was struggling to find. These usually ranged from 20 minutes(top) to about 1.5 hours (bottom)

    For me I'm trying to find a good way to do stuff landscape wise, messing around with brushes, color, ect.

    I'll post some other stuff soon, working on characters/creatures/environments this summer.

    1. I guessed that they were probably pretty quick ones. They look really good for what they, I especially like the way you nailed the water texture in the bottom one.

  3. um. Ditto.

    heh, thats all I could really think of too, is texture can be a bitch when it come to enviros, thats probably the biggest reason I avoid doing them!

    but I also agree that these look great for such quick little paintings, and it makes me want to do more as well.

    keep up the good work!

  4. These are looking great! especially for quickies! that middle one is awesome but I agree with the others on the texture thing. However dont completely shag off that yellow, you can tone it down in certain areas on that building but I REALLY like the mood it gives the painting......