Concept work

So I'm kinda on the fence about all this work but maybe it will help land another concept position. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I worked on so many random projects but I gathered a few with the "best" work.



New things coming down the pipe?

Not a whole lot of new stuff I can show at the moment, but I have been working on a handful of personal things. These are a bunch of little concepts/background paintings done for an animation project with a buddy of mine.
Still working on defining a real solid look for the short, but we're getting there!




A couple weeks ago the company I was doing concept work for just let the all the 2d and 3d people go. I guess they are outsourcing all the work to China now. YAY for mobile games.

So within the last couple weeks I put some new work together for that Spectrum show. I got some good feedback and possible work coming down the line. Hopefully lol.

Dan Dos Santos on muddy colors put together a quick clean portfolio blogger so I snagged taht set up. I need to get some more work on it but its a good representation of my stuff.