okay so heres a little something that im putting up on my portfolio today, a character turn around, im working on the male version now. also, how have you guys been? :)


  1. Those details are looking sexy! Especially that armor on the stomach, great work. You run the risk of making the form very flattened out by putting in that much detail and having her up against such a sharp white background. Take a page from Rapoza's book and throw some colder rim lighting like you're starting to suggest on the sides of her body just to make it start to curve away from the viewer more. Design looks sweet!

  2. Looking great, one crit i have is with the middle static side view. It is a little too lifeless and flat, exaggerate proportions, get a more natural human rhythm going. I have an example, but not sure how to post in comments so I will submit it as a topic.