couple new things

Proof that im still working! :P
Here are a couple things that i've squeezed out during the last month, between frantically trying to run faster on life's little money treadmill, and tying to keep a social life so I dont go crazy! 

I guess both of these guys were style exercises, one dark, and one more animated and light. I have recently been enamored with the awesome work of Corey Loftis, so if you've never seen his work you should check it out....


Its making me fall back in love with that very graphic animated style, that you dont really see in video game stuff anymore. He is responsible for the look and feel of the upcoming wildstar game, which looks super refreshing and fun to boot....so yeah. 

Anybody else been lusting after a specific artist/style lately?



It's been a while, so I'll stick this up.  About 30 min or so tonight during RA rounds.

I might go more into it...


a new thing or two

So I know I'm always harping on how great the 1950's are as visual inspiration, but now I'm going to to attempt to prove it and dole out some concept art. So I'm playing with mech designs right now/trying to learn how to paint metallic surfaces. 
Major revelation: They are impossible to paint in the absence of an environment because as long as something is reflective, it's reflecting its environment. I think it's super beneficial to lay out a really simplistic idea of what the color in your environment is so you can temper the local color of the reflective object (be it steel gray or turquoise) with those other colors in mind, making them warmer or cooler as appropriate.

It seems like something I should already know by now but I consistently try to paint reflective surfaces without establishing in my mind what's around it.