It's been a year and nobody has posted, which is probably a bad sign. But I figure--why not dump a bunch of stuff here? Here's a bunch of various personal things and some about 3 commissioned pieces at the end there.
Hope you all are doing swell!



Ah Maaaaan- 4 Pages??!!

Hey guys,  I still can't show you what I've been working on yet but I  wanted to throw some stuff up here really quick!!!

Its all Personal/WIP/Sketches at the moment but I felt I needed to throw SOMETHING up to try and keep up with all ya'lls kick assery!!!

Speed Paint/ fan art ( felt like I needed to add that since it is definitely not an OC)-  Also trying out a slightly softer style!


New Project

Hey all, hope everything is going great for you guys.

My first post in quite some time, a piece of concept art for my new small indie team project I'm currently designing.  It'll move slowly, but gives me a chance to work on something on the side and gain more experience.

Anyway hopefully I'll start keeping up and posting more.

Until then, cheers!


Concept work

So I'm kinda on the fence about all this work but maybe it will help land another concept position. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I worked on so many random projects but I gathered a few with the "best" work.



New things coming down the pipe?

Not a whole lot of new stuff I can show at the moment, but I have been working on a handful of personal things. These are a bunch of little concepts/background paintings done for an animation project with a buddy of mine.
Still working on defining a real solid look for the short, but we're getting there!




A couple weeks ago the company I was doing concept work for just let the all the 2d and 3d people go. I guess they are outsourcing all the work to China now. YAY for mobile games.

So within the last couple weeks I put some new work together for that Spectrum show. I got some good feedback and possible work coming down the line. Hopefully lol.

Dan Dos Santos on muddy colors put together a quick clean portfolio blogger so I snagged taht set up. I need to get some more work on it but its a good representation of my stuff.




Its been awhile and I can't really show any of the work I have been doing. But here are some photo/Sargent studies/doodles.