Our new game project this year..some early concept art.

And if you'd like to follow our process http://tugsgame.blogspot.com/

-Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


More more Dragons of Elanthia concept art.

Hey guys! I figure as long as I can share some of the work that I've been doing on Dragons of Elanthia, I'm going to do so.
So these are some various concepts, some from a long time ago, some from more recently. You can probably tell which is which.

Also, I wanted to mention, next time you guys post some work be sure to take advantage of the option to add labels to your post. (in the blogger interface it's on the right side) Google will index those as relevant search keywords so that sites like chimera come up in random google searches. You may already know all this, but as general practice, tag the crap out of you stuff (especially on Deviantart). I'm only mentioning it because I recently got an awesome freelance job just because the AD at a publication searched for "pulp illustrators" or something and my work happened to show up on google.
I believe it could easily be as obnoxious as hashtag abuse, but one of the most difficult parts of being a professional in my experience is getting your work in front of people, so you might as well create as many opportunities for it to happen as possible, even if it's on accident!



More Dragons of Elanthia concept art

Here's some more, folks! Also, if you want to learn a thing or two about zbrush, check out this twitch tv channel that we started at work, my buddy Roder knows more about that program than anyone I know and he's been streaming his work and talking about it.



Finished this up

Moving onward to more work as I make this game.

BTW has anyone noticed how washed out images are when posted to blogger?  looks terrible!