recent sketches

 Not all concepty, really. Some are illustrationy. I'm trying not to spend too much time on any of them though. They're all under 45 minutes I think. I'm going through a purple phase.

Comments and crits would be helpful. I think you may see more actual design stuff from me soon, who knows.
Also--nice work all around, everybody. And thank you, Donal for keeping this blog alive!



After break

After some failed hard drive problems, I'm back.  Doing another semi speed painting tonight from a photo from last winter.  Struggling with this one, but I'm finding it easier to break the stutter halting of creating a painting...whatever that means.

I'll update later...busy trying to get a board game done...bllaahhh..Happy Holidays all!


Animation fun

I've been working on a fun acting animation that I could put in my reel, so I don't have so much Robo-san in it.  I'm trying to time it all out first, so I thought I could ask you guys if it seems to be working.  The part when he he's bent over for the jump I want to be kind of a build up and then I want him to hang in the air for a bit.  Then the part when he just flips over is where I'm gonna have a dog run under him and knock him over.  It's gonna be fast, but where he's just stuck in the air is where you'll get to see the dog (it'll be slow motion).

Any advice is appreciated




Hey all, sitting here doing this right now, finish a little bit later, about 40 minutes or so right now.

Trying to just start in color, actually enjoying it, working using a pic I took at Loose Park a few weeks back, had some great lighting and color relationships.

Thoughts welcome.




Working on some character stuff for a project...WIP now.  Just wanted to keep up posting.

Update, able to work a bit more on him, his upper body seems a bit weird, thoughts?

How's everyone else doing?


more stuff! and now back to work!

promise I will be back and actually critique but here is a smidgeon of what i've been up to.

also, if you guys have any tips on how to compose a piece or any composition tutorials I would be eternally grateful. eternally.

also, sketch here is that painter I currently adore.