Creepy buggers

I havent really thought of a good name for this type of enemy ive been working on, all the good names have been taken! the scourge, plague, flood, necromorphs, reavers, or the chimeras from resistance: fall of man., all pretty much the same type of enemy. It gives a great chance to develop different units and creatures, all within an overarching design theme. In this example, a parasitic life form that commandeers other organic life to fulfill its dastardly goals..it feels pretty good to get back into the creepy-crawlies again, i havent really played around with any in a looooong time.

I should have a few more units of these guys up in the next few days...

any name suggesstions?


"Heads" up! :D

Some things that stole my attention away while i was trying to work on a turnaround to compliment AD's post, so here they are, aaaaaaand that turn around is coming......soooooon.

also, im going to try and do variants on all my designs for a while because they are fun, and useful, and i have no idea why i dont have more in my port....:p


a character sheet? maaybe?

personal goal for the weekend, let me know what you guys think :)

I'm back again.

Soooo...this is what I've been working on lately. I guess I'll put it up just to have something to show. The rest of my time I've been sinking into some small freelance projects which I won't be able to show. And working the ol' part time job. I don't know really what's going on in all of these, though, I've been feeling kind of lost this weekend. So yes, comps and painting sketches/experiments with color.

Also, I'm sorry I've been absentee lately, it's been a crazy week. Props to AD(can we call you that? I noticed you signing your pieces that way and it's kind of cool because it's also an acronym for Art Director, which you Fluke will both will invariably be someday) and Fluke for keeping the blog alive!




i love this piece... i might hate it tomorrow, but damnit I love it now. :)


ok, so i finally think iv figured out why everything i make looks desaturated on other peoples comps and when i post them online. Ive changed my gamma setting from 2.2 to 1.8, which is supposed to be standard, but whatevs.... could you guys give me some feedback and tell me if this image is darker and more saturated than the one i posted a few days ago? or is it the same, and im going CrAzY?

I really have to figure out whats going on because my work looks like SHIT on other peoples computers! its killing me!



critter tryout


okay. so this was another study that turned into a sort of an... angry irish boxing guy? guess who posed for the face :)



I cant tell if I like this or not. i'll rework it around some, but i'll be putting up more tonight so i'll take a break and look at it again :)

work in progress


harpy again

harpy body, just focusing on skin tones and pose

Wood sprite

Im pretty happy with the way this thing is going, but its missing something, and im too tired of looking at it to figure out what it is..... so i figured i would put it up here for a while and glare at it.

the Dunmer of skyrim

God. I love Skyrim. Its been such a long time since ive ben genuinely inspired by playing a game. I am falling in love with the epicness of high fantasy all over again...

for the Tribunal!

possible ideas fo' yo' monkeyman?

I thought i would just post this instead of a long critique post, i hope you dont mind me painting over your monkeyman a little bit eth:)

so, basically i thought he was way too bright for a creepy bloke, so i desaturated him a little, then upped the contrast so he would fade out. Bright colors are not something we usually associate with "creepy-ness", kind of like his eyes. If he had bright blue eyes he wouldnt be nearly as threatening, the jet black, pupil-less eyes are a great way of "darkening" him a bit. The eyes are the window to the soul, so if you cant see them, its off-puting.

staying on the topic off the eyes, i tilted them slightly inward instead of outward. When eyes are slanted inward they tend to look more threating, just like eyebrows. When the bend to the outside they give an impression of jollyness, being drunk, or laughter.

And while i was at it, i went ahead and added a little emphasis on the eyelids to draw a little bit more attention to them, since i think thats where most of the creep factor is coming from.....

so! I think it was adorable as it was, but i was bored, and i hope this helps!


why so blue?

just some dickin around with different animated character design stuff, fluffers to get a wider range of visual styles displayed in my portfolio.

time to look for work...

well, it seems the place ive been working at for the last few months is running out of things for me to do, so I need to start aggressively pursuing other lines of work. wish me luck fellas!

I'm not being lazy!

Okay guys. So this is a just a little bit of the stuff that I can show at the moment. Some sketches that I haven't really thrown up anywhere else yet and a piece I did for Simutronics for freelance that I can show since it's up on their website now. I might ask you guys some opinions on compositions in the coming days since I have to start working on a little more long term painting.

Thanks for sharing and keeping us all accountable, Alison!



le fat gladiator!

okay..... so that stomach is just not doing it.... i'll just go ahead and start dropping details on it, but incase that doesnt happen today, here is my one a day painting for monday.


AHHHH! so far behind!

so heres some of the things i've done over break.

a kid and her friendly robot, a harpy concept, and the concept page for said harpy.

i'm not crazy about the final harpy, so i think i'll do another one. and that kids face...... theres something proportionally wrong with it, if you guys spot it would you let me know what it is? I am totally at a loss with it :(

anyway, catch you guys later :)


a night of doodlin

The products of last night. I unfortunately lost interest in them rather quickly, or at least the black and white one. Meh. 

mondays piece. i'm gonna go back and tackle those skin tones again tomorrow.  Or I wonder if I should dedicate a day a week to just reworking and altering that weeks pieces..... thats sounding pretty good right now. any way, night fellas!

a fat man dungeon master.


year of the dragon piece

 happy year of the dragon you guys! :)
 I completely blew my 2 hour mark out of the water on this one, it took all day. The funny thing is the face took an hour and all the rest is what I stumbled around on. I just could not for the life of me get a cool costume idea out, and all my armor ideas looked too cliche.  seriously.... this is probably the 12th costume and I tried to cover up half of it with the dragons :(

 I'm not too proud of it, but hey, I got some good pieces this week  :)
so here we go, my one a day painting for sunday.