this weekends piece

im so sad I dont get more time to paint in the day!! or maybe I CAN...... on top of papers, readings, and le grande thesis....... an hour or 2 a day won't do any harm right? RIGHT?   Ahhhhhhhh! D:


Hey folks!

hey peeps, do me a favor and check out my Blogspot/portfolio and tell me if it looks all right. Ive put up pretty much everything I have, (as far as new work goes) and Im about to start on another massive application frenzy....

Let me know if anything looks silly, or unprofessional!



stuffs I did over the weekend!

so, some smexy battle types and a WIP art trade with John :D

the ladies took roughly 11-12
and johns has taken close to 3
lemme know what you guys think :)