eh?! color?!

what is this nonsense?! Me working from the get go in color? nay I say! it cant be true!
but it is. and im actually pretty happy with the results so far, i'll  go back though and finish detailing when I have time :)

lemme know what your thinking!


Hey guys!  Thanks for inviting me to this blog.  I was hoping to get some feedback on scenes I am painting for my final project.

First up is a scene that isn't quite finished yet, it lacks a castle as well.

Also something else unrelated I'm working on.


sketchdump april 10th

blahagargle furdur...... more sketches. Tell me if you guys see anything you like in here, as i am a little in a loss as to what work i should be following up on. It seems like every time i make up my mind that i should do a polished figure study, I think no, i should do an enviro, then a creature and then i just end up sketching constantly on differing topics. So plenty of drawing is getting done, but its hard to focus on what to follow up on....or maybe i just dread it.....-_-


soome stuff

well.... i was gonna post clips from my animation to show you guys how awesome my assistant is but.... blogger is saying nope. so heres some other stuff instead.


040812_ sunday speed painting

Just so I'm not relegated to the chimera doghouse of  shame, I will post this. 40 min speedie today. Nice work everybody, keep this steam train a-rollin!



work in progress

story time :) let me know if you can connect the 'hero' characters to the little kids

the previous two are also still in the 'working' zoooone 



para-millitary corporate policia! just working on overall tones on the top guy, aaaaaand just playin around with color schemes on the bottom...

bout 5 or 6 hrs all told, so nothing super special, but its work! making myself do something every single day to build up some new stuff to peddle at the spectrum thingy in may.