slow to return -- DnD art test

So I've cleaned my plate of freelance stuff for the moment and decided, it's time that I do some concept art. Soo I, inspired by Dustin's orc shaman, did one of my own. I feel like I used some mental muscles that I haven't for a while and I'm glad I did, it'll make the next one a lot easier, I hope. Any critique would be much appreciated.

Also, on a separate note, Donal, those enviros you posted look sweet. I will be giving you a comment/critique very soon. For now, I go to bed.

Let's get this blog going again, everybody! Shake out the summer slump and post something this week! I'm sure you're all working on cool stuff anyways, especially in the wake of Spectrum Live.



  1. Really cool! Some stuff that stuck out to me, his left arm just seems to be not doing much..I don't know why but it looks disconnected from him in a way. Also maybe exaggerate his facial expression a bit more, he seems to be in a power rage moment or something, so environmental effects can help, I'm sure you've thought of this stuff already.

    Looking great! I do want to do this, but I need to focus on doing character sheets ect this summer.

    I had a portfolio review with the wizards of the coast art director, liked my landscapes..but not sure if that is a direction i want to focus on.

    1. Thanks for the feedback on this one, Donal, I'm glad to hear you got that portfolio review!

  2. looking good dude, im really digging the subtle light in the left palm. Im not too big a fan of over done effects, like lightning and lava and shit like that, (even thought that is probably what they want). I think its pretty well composed as well, nothing standing out to me at the moment.

    I have a sketch of the shaman for the test, but it really hasnt gone past a sketch, but i did finish the guard character a while back, ive just been sitting on it waiting to see if my opinions change about it......they didnt and it still blows:P But ill post it anyway.....

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to pretend that they don't want lighting, lava and shit, for the time being.=, maybe I'll come up with some more interesting stuff.
      I'm glad you posted your concept though, it's good to see what everyone's working on. Make Alison post too!

  3. I really like his face and stance! good job eric!
    the only thing is I'd kinda like to see some more contrast on his various spikes, staff and other cool bits and pieces of his outfit. But i dunno, I'll come and look at it again tonight and I might change my mind, all in all this looks pretty kick ass!!