Started as a sketch, and then I got into it.  Not sure what I'm going to do..figured I'd post something.


tentacle gypsies and more Delvyns

   well sorry for not posting for a while, but I had a good chunk of work to do for Hwy 1, that consumed my time for a while, but im back on the horse! now that Ali is out here I actually stay pretty busy, even if I waste a lot of time bouncing around different images. Nothing too ground breaking here, just some more doodles that lived to long, I just figured I would post something so you guys know I am alive!

   I would say these guys were more rendering practice than anything else and portfolio fluffers, but ive also been working on a few enviros that aren't quite showable just yet, but I will post them as soon as im able, because i need all the help I can get when it comes to those... 



By Dustin's recommendation I did these 15 min. photo studies.Below them are some quick little 5 or 10 min vehicle sketches that I did yesterday and I'm now seeing how many different ways I could do them better to show their material and everything.I think the number one weakness I have with vehicles and buildings is just plain lack of familiarity with them. It sure is hard to capture the essence of something in a few strokes if you really don't even know what it looks like. Expect more vehicles from me in the future I guess!Comments and crits always welcome.
Also--one of my concept art/illustration heroes, Jaime Jones of artpad.org , just posted a little process thing on his blog that I quite enjoyed just because to me it reinforced in my mind that everybody works differently. Enjoy!



Repin and Sargent studies

Finally getting some painting done, not long after the spectrum show I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and lost control of my eyelids and half my face. Thank god it's only temporary but for this last month I couldn't draw, paint, read or anything. It was like torture but I'm on the mend and back at it. 

Wacom Cintiq

Just saw that they are launching two new models.  Still crazy expensive, but at least they are upgrading them.



I've been looking at maybe getting a 12wx, not sure though.  Might just settle for a intous 5, my bamboo fun small from 2007 kills my hand.


CA portfolio reviews

In case you didn't get enough good reviews at Spectrum, this is also a good possibility for portfolio reviews. Has anyone tried this yet? I read a post of someone thanking them for the review and they mentioned the names Jason, George and John, which I assume is Manley, Manchess and English, so it can be assumed that they are amongst those reviewing if not the only ones.
I'm thinking of giving it a try because you can always use some good, honest feedback, and hopefully they'd be honest, maybe even have some recommendations.


Anywho, I'll be posting more work this week, I got swamped by the 4th and then got a freelance job so my free time has been out of commission.
Perhaps we could all consider trying a group project or at least a weekly theme? Maybe that just means we should all participate in one of the weeklies over at CGHUB, since Donal mentioned them earlier. Thoughts? We just got to make sure that EVERYBODY participates!




Any of you guys have cghub?  I joined back in March, and I sent Eric a contact request a little while ago.  If you do I'm usually on it regularly, so send me a contact request.


Anyway started working on this today, any pointers?

So I didn't like where it was going, thinking of a giant robot coming ashore, crowds running, flak guns hitting around....we'll see.