ok... so how can I make this piece more dynamic before I work it to death? :(
it just looks too busy.... and the composition is ..well kinda boring...


Here, a set of zombie-monster hookers, a barbarian (?), and some tries at fallen angel officers (I wanted to see if I could still portray angelic with out the wings) but they still need some work  :)

anyways, i'll put up some thesis  stuff this weekend, tell me what you guys think  :)


ok, so some more costume practices, and with the centaur I found out I really. really. could not draw horses.... so I lopped off the legs and hoped you guys could still guess what it was.  :)

 With the centaur  I wanted to do some practice showing corrupt and pure costume options.... and trying to tackle the male figure.... let me know what you guys think :)

.......oh yeah... and a crappy monster.. but I felt like I should throw up a painting with all the line work.



more stuff

just wanted to focus on costumes with these.

new stuff for this week..

here's a couple more pieces, and i'll try and put some more stuff up later today. But with these I was just trying to get a grasp on using textures and letting them help enhance the clothing. also, im really trying to be bolder with light, can you guys tell or no? and do you guys have any practices or ideas that will really help me get a better understanding of how to use lighting in a dynamic way?  if you guys see anything else that really stands out let me know and i'll fix it.  :)


some moooore WIP's.

heres a couple of pieces from this week, the first is a piece I'm doing for someone's website.  Their a photographer and wanted a piece that would kinda hint at those old 1950's adds where the woman is in the kitchen all the time.  There's still some cleaning I want to do but let me know what you guys think :)  the second is just a piece where I was trying to paint a male for the first time in probably.... 4 months? He's still looking sooooo feminine so I think i'm going to focus on strictly painting men for a while :)

anyways, let me know what you guys are thinking and Happy (belated)  4th of July!!!!