Poster for Travis

I'm just sharing the crap out of this painting since it took soooo long to make! So apologies if this is out of character for the rest of my work. I'm working on a Gears of War fan piece for a contest on DeviantArt which I'll have to finish within two days so I'll be sharing that next.
This painting is of course for Travis Drahozal's film Things To Do In Transylvania When You're Dead. He's going to add in the text that will go at the base of the image, hence all of the dead space there. I will post more!



I'm still alive

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. But I'm back and I'm still working on an idea that involves Sydney. I decided that it was more important to just do the things that I knew I was excited about and knew what I wanted them to look like. So I thought it would be fun to play around with what Slamar (that's his name now) would look like with color, so that's what I did.

He hasn't changed much, just thought I would show you guys. I'm working on modeling him next and I'll show you that stuff as I work on it.



playing with mechs.

"Make sure you fail occasionally. If you don't, you're probably not fully exploring your options."
I heard this quote in an interview with Gabe Newell of Valve Software and I was thinking about what it actually means. In the interview he was talking sort of specifically about game design but I was thinking more about how that could be applied to art making. I think the best way to think about it might be to say, make a piece, concept, whatever, with the expectation or even intention of it failing, and allow yourself the freedom to fail.

While this might be a small risk, I tried something different, in 30 min, I did this little mech in grayscale, first doing a silhouette on a layer and then setting the layer to preserve transparency so I would be working only within the bounds of  my silhouette, keeping everything really sharp and contained. I branched out from this a little bit as I continued but it was an interesting experiment in ways to create, especially since you don't lose the spontaneity of the thumbnail. I feel like it would it would be a little restricting for organic things, but for inorganic, it works well. 

It could be neat to perform really specific experiments with technique and record the results here for everyone to learn from.


speed faces

some speed paintings, I should be working on animation but I became so disappointed by my attempts at cityscapes I did these to feel a little better :(
their not great but their (not so speedy) speed paintings If I add them together they equal about an hour each. they don't look it but i did put alot of effort into just cutting and pasting and tweaking this and that ,soooooo im gonna try to do one of these a day or at least two a week.

feeling like a sack. I will no longer tolerate this!

Alright, to prove that I'm not a slouch and also, to stop Alison's rampage of awesome, I'm going to post some shtuff.

Uh, also, it is worthy to note that I just checked some of our stats and we've got some like 1500 pageviews for this blog, which is quite an accomplishment, even if like 1200 of them are mine, since you guys post so much awesome stuff!
From humble beginnings, we shall triumph! Anywho, here's what I've been doing, not a lot, not a lot of really cool stuff either but some stuff, nevertheless. Some sketchies and then a final piece. Not totally polished, but relatively so. I showed it for critique, but like usual, the one thing that holds the digital paintings back is their scale. This guy only prints out at around 14"x11", and people want to be overwhelmed with this kind of image, which means like 54,000px wide at 300dpi. And that makes my computer sad. So maybe next time. Keep up the stellar work, everybody! Fluke, hopefully someday we can all see the drawings you're being paid to make! **golf claps for being a pro** Rock on.



ok, feeling so fresh and so clean clean

finally, feeling less like a lump and will actually post something....here is some more stuff regarding my thesis, and here is the synopsis.   :B

'A young girl and a monster are walking down the streets of a fictional city, no one seems to notice the monster, they come to a cross walk and discover another monster and boy pair across the street.  The kids whip out their game controllers (which you see are attatched to the monsters) and a bloody battle ensues with out any reason. After the long fight the monsters die and the kids walk off their own ways with out a care in the world.

sounds kinda silly when I type it ........ and I am by no means against video games.  but I needed some sort of easy reason for them to fight in the animation. 

 I think the fight scenes,the backgrounds and characters will hold my attention till the end of the year.

anyways, here, here, here looky, looky more craaaaaaaaaaaap 

top 2 are advertisements from moving billboards you'll see in the film.  im really trying to push the thought that the game these two are in is widely known,  im just having trouble coming up with a game name... maybe monster mash? eh? eh? cheesy enough?


haha..... im such a lump right now -_-

 heres some crap from today..... I barely got anything done with thesis stuff.... so heres a pointless crap doodle cause I told someone that i'd post something -_-


heres some crap from thesis

ok..... so its been quite a while.  but here are some stills for my thesis, i'll add more and my synopsis next post due to the fact that I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiired.