Delvyn anatomy study

I knocked this guy out in about 3-5 hrs today, and im fairly happy with the way it turned out. I've been drawing a lot a fantasy stuff ever since skyrim came out and it made me realize that i dont really have that much fantasy stuff in my portfolio, so im going to devote more time to it.

This guy is a Delvyn, a race from another of my little sandbox worlds I like to throw stuff into. Should be more to come from this world, about four other races to inhabit this place. This guy is filling the "little guy" role, kind of a mix of dwarves, dark elf and gnome....


  1. You should consider putting in some of that chest hair that's in the sketch, I think it would add a greater sense of this being a living, growing, being, by suggesting a puberty.
    I look forward to seeing more of these fleshed out too, perhaps it's not politically correct to put it in these terms but it's nice to see a suggestion of a kind of ethnicity in the eyes of this character, it makes me wonder how your other concepts could grow or develop if you consider an idea of diversity within species.

  2. that a good Idea with the chest hair, i'll fix that before I post it up anywhere else. And Ive always loved the idea of different ethnicities within separate races, but its a tricky thing to tackle and to still be original. And i hate the lazy way its done 99% of the time, where they just arbitrarily pick a race, then pair it with a culture, like trolls are Jamaican, and the damn dwarves are ALWAYS scottish, it drives me crazy.....

  3. you what I have to say on these past pieces :)