Wish I could post the stuff I have been working on. All I have to show are lame studies so this is the shit on my desktop currently..Mainly book stuff and a couple super quick photo studies. 


200 POSTS!

Hey whoa! We've posted 200 times to this blog all together! That's not too shabby! In recognition of this achievement and the impromptu nature of this blog, I will share a WIP. I think this is 45 min. into the painting. In fact, that's not a bad idea, maybe everyone can just post a WIP, just whatever you're working on, maybe even a desktop screencap with your references and whatever else happens to be there!


Dragons of Elanthia concept art

Guys and gals! Guess what?! I can finally post some of the work that I've done this year on the game our studio has been working on, Dragons of Elanthia. You've probably already seen me talking it up on Facebook and stuff, but as long as I'm posting the work I'm going to post links too. Share with your friends, please!



Donal, I like your Western stuff

Donal, your wild westy stuff has gotten me inspired. Also there's a CGHub challenge I think I might participate in if I can get organized enough. Here are my color comps/sketches for a Robbers' Roost.
I tried to keep them at 15 minutes a piece, but the middle one ran about 30.
I was trying to work less with descriptive color and just draw with colors a bit more.
Hope everyone's doing well these days!



Getting Ideas Down

This exercise focused on getting a general mood and story idea down really quickly.  I think about 30-40min.



More stuff to show very very soon! Here's a sketch. I didn't ACTUALLY draw it on that paper, but I've been putting a lot of text in my sketchbook lately and I wanted to age this one some.