Think I'm finished with the first piece, second is a wip.  Also anyone have any tips/advise for doing character turn around sheets for modelers?




Not sure if we want to keep the 6 month gap between posts or not :)
Put in some work on this image over the weekend - think I'm going to call this one finished for now.


Keeping it going

Im not dead either! 

I've been in a bit of a slump lately and have been semi busy with a bunch of small freelance stuff on and off for the last couple of months. To be honest, I just dont feel very proud of anything i've been working on, so I just feel schlumpy about everything. I had a pretty big deal going on for a long term character thing with an awesome sci-fi/cyberpunk feel that fell through after the first chunk of work, and I get so tired of spending so much time on projects that will never see the light of day. 

This is pretty much everything I/ve been working on this year so far, no theme, no order, just barfing all over the place...

Which brings me to my next subject, Portfolio presentation! The ArtOrder has a pretty keen write up on the efficacy of online presence in general, and its really interesting to see things from an art directors point of view. I definitely recommend checking it out--



yay show n tell

Last september I got a concept job at a small mobile games studio and they keep me pretty damn busy. Mainly sci-fi kids stuff but super fun doing concepts for all sorts of things creatures, environments, weapons, vehicles and the like. Unfortunately I can't show a damn thing yet, probably not for a long time but it has served as an awesome training ground. That aside I have been fighting a battle with myself to get back to work after work and keep that fantasy illustration dream alive. It has been difficult for sure and add to that my wife and I just had our first kid - so now my time is literally gone. I get a few hours every night if I'm lucky to chip away at the paintings. Here are the fruits of the last couple months - some finished some wips and just a couple doodles still on my desktop.

yay for show n tell  - I'm glad this blog is still alive!


Not dead yet (WIP GALORE)

Hey you guys! So its been awhile and since I can't post my freelance stuff yet, I'm going to look like a super slacker.  But please understand I am only slightly slacker-ish :)

Some WIP work

Wanted to post as well to get this blog going again.



Come on guys! It's already April D:

I'm kind of scared by the passage of time this year. Here are a bunch of scans that are similar in theme along with some digital paintings. Right now in my personal work it's astronauts and b-movie monsters.
Critique it please!