ok, so to prove im not dead, here is some stuff since I last posted


  1. Liking your design sheets. Also that bottom illustration, lighting is kickass on her face. Are you going to finish that up?

  2. You're blowing up! The bottom one is one of the most successful pieces I've ever seen you do thusfar.
    I would keep looking for ways to communicate everything you need to without the text. Stuff like "enhanced arm" may not be necessary at all, because it looks enhanced, but maybe you can describe how things work more through silhouetted comic panels that describe an action. Did you ever see that in the Massive Black art book?
    You're kind of doing it with the creature one, honestly. I can understand pretty easily that they are each dressed up for different purposes. Communicate visually!

  3. I would have to agree that last image is turning out pretty awesome. I'm interested in seeing how far you could push it. I would suggest adding some atmosphere to give the background a little depth. Also its a bit unclear what the dude is doing with his hands - maybe rethink the pose/action or just sharpening it up would do the trick....really just give this piece some more love cuz i dig it :)