Quick Late Night Sketch

Working on characters, started this one last night with random shapes, ended up like this.

Was cool to just let go and not noodle around for a result, felt like I was more successful.


  1. nice to see a fat guy. the industry needs more fattys in games. It will be interesting to see if you do anything else with this guy.

    Also, im digging the hint of a helmet/interesting hairstyle going on there...

  2. I second Fluke's statement. Fatties are good. Being in profile makes things a little too ambiguous for me though, it'd be cool to see this turned 30%, it's got me sooo curious.
    Do you ever look at Carlos Huante's work? This totally reminds me of it. He's a great guy to look at for this character type and he's got this tremendous air-brushy style that has great weight and awesome edges, unlike a lot of airbrush work.

  3. Ah cool, just looked him up. I am just trying to work like I would with a pencil but in photoshop, I never really used paint before except acrylic, so I'm using what feels comfortable to me.

    I'll see what other creatures/characters I can come up with this week.