orc shaman d&d art test


  1. I think it's important to share the reasoning behind this piece, since we all need to know about what's going on in the professional world. Just as much as Chimera is about sharing critique, it should also be about sharing opportunities!
    Maybe I was the only one that didn't know, but there is now an official D&D art test for prospective illustrators wanting to work for Wizards of the Coast! Read more:

  2. ah duh i should have added it here, i linked it in a comment on one of flukes posts just a minute ago :)

  3. The art test itself has no deadline but Jon Schindehette d&d AD who put this up is also running a challenge on his blog theartorder.com for some d&d stuffs but its deadline is April 30th. That blog is also just really awesome in itself - lots of pro advise with constant art challenges.


  4. Ahh...cool, might check it out after finals. Thanks for the heads up

  5. niiiiiiice!! I just have one critique. the snow flakes only look like their falling behind him, on second glance I can see the smaller flecks over his armor but would you possibly be willing to sharpen and enlarge with a brush like 2 or 3 of the flakes somewhere either around the top or sides? dont cover up the kick ass armor though. and yes! thank you for sharing these links! :D

    ps. that head dress is spectacular.

  6. hey hey hey! ive been away for a while, and its nice to see more work from everybody:) its weird that you found your way to the dnd thing through theartorder.com, because I had totally stumbled on to a little bit back as well! I had stumbled onto it through a random posting on reddit, but i agree that that blog fucking rocks! I am working on one of the test right now as well and will be posting soon as i get them done.

    anywhoose, it looks great! this could be another strong piece to start building up a wizards portfolio...