OBIWAN Screen study


  1. these are looking pretty legit! the only thing is the eyes might need a little more attention, the dark of the iris is a little too bold and sets itself apart from the rest of the face. But I know these are studies and thus arent finished. So with that in mind these look amazing! keep it up! :)

  2. yup, bottom was too bright, and overall I overworked stuff again. Eyes are my enemy, am working on them.

  3. Alison's right on with her crit. You might find eyes a bit easier if you just do some life studies and look at photos. I don't find this painting as lifelike because the eyes are so dark, a lot of times the eyes are not going to be the darkest dark in an image, maybe the folds in the clothes are darker.
    Also-- avoid the temptation to make arbitrary marks, like those around his chest and shoulders. There's no reason why those can't be showing form, instead they just flatten him out.
    Donal, I probably asked you this a million times already, are you in KC right now?

  4. I am not in KC right now, I will be coming back on the 30th to start PCAL as an RA.

    This is about the extent of digital I have done for a bit, I've gone back to using just pencils and paper, working on anatomy and drawing, really fun, love pencils and charcoal. I see what you mean about flat strokes. Thanks Eric!

    Just got annoyed with digital, mostly drawing on a pad, with the results on screen. I'm hoping after the summer to pick up a tablet that I can draw directly on screen with.

    1. Always good to get back into traditional media, I've been trying to stay regular in using my sketchbook every day.
      Well, if you're back in town and you have free time apart from all your RA duties, let me know via facebook or email or something, it'd be great to get together and have a sketch/paint jam.
      I imagine that the Cintiqs are a real pleasure to work with. So far, I've avoided using them if at all possible so as not to sow the seeds of discontent within myself. :P Someday I'll break though, only a matter of time...