Another fantasy landscape

Not done yet, I think I'll really flesh this one out.  Only about 3 or so hours at this point.

and some 5-7 minutes quick studies

update: a landscape/maybe dragon creature landscape I started 2 hours ago
update on this one



a very blizzardy Orc

Well, I finally got around to finishing that orc shaman DndD test that I made a rough for waaaaaay back, figure its better late than never! I also wanted a few more blizzardy things in my portfolio, because its a fun style to paint in and is always popular, so I wanted to have a few good examples of it represented in my port.
     Its not exactly my favorite style, but it translates really well into game and card art because of the bright colors and global lighting and all that. I do think that im going to put a hold on painting like this for a bit because I do have enough examples like this built up, and move on to more moody, mostly b&w pieces and get back to the basics of tone and value. Color, in all its complexities, boggle my little brain and I think I need to retreat from it a little bit for now.....Also, I am still having problems calibrating my monitor to the normal setting and I apologize if this is either way too saturated or faded out......my computer is getting along in years and there is something wonky with the way it shows color...

So, how is everybody else holding up?



Forgot to post this along with the other stuff a little while ago.  A mock up for a game poster idea from a month or so ago.

Also a concept of a game background location

Another update...doing some posters for this week:  WIP of three


shot practice

shot practice... 'shooting' if you will.

I thought this joke was hilarious since my goal this week was to break apart and try my hand at composing a shot. but I ran it by casey and he seems to find it a little less than hilarious. anyway, Im pretty pleased with this.

I keep running into a problem though, I want to add more details to the woman's face (right, center) but then all the focus shifts to her... matter of fact, can you guys tell me if the hooded character and boy are even coming across as the focus? (yes the hooded character is supposed to be huge.)

this guy isn't quite done, but given the time I had to work with it I was pretty happy.
lemme know what you guys think.
thanks amigos