help :(

ok, I know everyones busy but if you have the time would ya'll be willing to look at this little guy and give me some feed back on how to polish it up some?

also, hows everyone doing so far?  :)


  1. Looks like your using some photo elements in this, nice. I do like the person in the front, snow on the character is really cool. I would say if you are trying to have the guy with the red cloak the main point, don't detail as much with the characters in the foreground. Also add some depth to the rocks in the background, some effects with fog and wind, snow flurries?

    To me it needs to be tightened up a bit, very loose right now, more of a speed painting right now. Define that bridge a little, also I'm not quite sure where he is heading...into a snow bank or is it not a bridge, just a cliff? Annndd add more depth, sense of scale for the extreme setting they are in. Hope this helps :)

  2. Donal's points are all really sound, here's what I did with it really quickly.
    I really like the character in the foreground with the snow on them and everything but it's very problematic compositionally since it draws us right into a corner.

    I did a find edges and posterize on this bad boy as well just to have a look at where the information is.
    There's a really nice sweeping diagonal which leads us right into the center, coming from the upper left.

    I think you've got a tendency to stick figures right on the edges of the picture plane, which is fine, the problem in this situation is that you're also giving them such a dramatic value range and so much detail that the viewer's eye is drawn to them, making them a really important frame. That was one of the main things that Andrea Wicklund said to me during my portfolio review: Make the focus -clear-. If you have characters in the foreground that are only there to show scale and give context to the rest of the image, silhouette them so that we can immediately look past them and see what's important.
    Try forcing yourself to stick all of the important elements on a line of thirds within the image and give them some room to breath and be important.

    With all that said. This is a badass piece from you and you've been growing a lot! Definitely keep using photo assets if it's helping you build up an environment, you can just paint over them as you become more confident. This is looking great!