Wizard test, v.1

Well, heres my try at a guard character from the Wizards art test, dealing with culture, and adhering to a predetermined "culture" examples. after spending waaaaaay too much time on this guy, I realized that I dont really care for the style. It just comes naturally after working at oceanside....

anywhoose, I plan on pretty much doing all of the tests, maybe even multiple times, over  the next few months when I have time, but this is my first. I sampled all the colors from the rendered example that they provided, as I think you might have done, Eth. Not exactly the color scheme I would have chosen, but eh...

what do you fellas think?


  1. It's a beautiful concept, Fluke, I just don't think you've strayed far enough from the source. Looking between the one regal figure and the shamanistic guy they give as reference, they're wearing different boots, different types of garments, etc. If you want to revisit this, maybe you should take out the mask and google "mongolian dress" to get a little sense of some other directions you could go as far as helmets. I'm not sure the mask would best serve the guard's duty and I think you'd benefit from showing more of YOUR unique taste in design than borrowing from the reference. Even though that mask is sooo good. It's a sweet concept, but it feels more like an iteration I guess than a different class if that makes sense.

  2. Yeah, I think that sums up really well how I feel about it too. Ive been kind of waiting to like it for a week or two now and its just not going to happen. It was really weird spending so much time on it and then looking at it, and thinking "wow, that was reeaaaally unsatisfying"

    I dont know If I'lll even send this one off, it might just end up as a portfolio fluffer. :P

    thanks for putting it like that though, until I read that, I couldnt really tell what I was so unhappy about with this guy. That comment that Ian Mccaig made about Wayne D. Barlowe making everybody feel boring really hit me and I think I need to stop worrying so much about whether potential employers will find it appealing, and just do more strange, unique work.....

    1. I think you're spot on with doing the strange unique stuff, and this would be a good place to get honest feedback on how unique or strange it really is/could be. I like your attitude. I'll try to do something crazy this week if I can.