Was doing a Sargent study, got too hung up on details again, killed it for me.  Do another later.


  1. One thing that Sargent said about his painting process is that he would spend 90% of the time on the structure of the objects he was painting and only the last few minutes of his painting time on the details. He described building up the structure of an eye socket and eye ball only to drop in the details like cracking an egg into a cup.
    Take that as a challenge and next time you paint from a Sargent, do NOT paint any details on the face, leave out the nostrils, whites of the eyes, pupils, eyelashes--Just focus on the structure. Learn from the way he creates three dimensions in paint so that we understand that what he's showing is a head without you showing us a mouth, nose and two eyes. Just paint hills and valleys. It's an awesome exercise...especially in patience and self control.

  2. yeah I tend to focus on something for way too long without even realizing it. Will do. Thanks!

  3. that. looks pretty awesome. and working in black and white is one of the best practices I can think of, I wish I had done it my junior year!
    keep it up and keep it rockin! :D