my 1 piece a week

ok.... so you guys have already seen this... but it counts!

.... and now I have Skyward Sword so everything is on hold.... everything.

this is another shot of one of the deity's from my video game concept,  its still in the finishing stages but let me know if it feels 'fishy' and 'underwater-y' to you guys  :)

 now I'm off to save the realm!

and change that head.... now that I'm looking at it I dont think I want it to have any eyes...


  1. Skyward Sword?! Awwww. no fair. Save the realm!

    I think that it is looking a lot fishier, I think if it's lacking in that department it's in the material/textures. Maybe try sneaking in some webbed limbs or membranous tissue--things that aren't practical out of an aqueous environment. I think then we'll start picking up on the fishy cue faster.
    Also, fade in some really brighter white values around the middle of the picture to suggest to a gradient of some kind of sky or atmosphere, right now it looks like they're standing next to a wall.

    The design looks pretty cool so far and I'm really digging the speckled texture around his neck and stuff, as well as that awesome rib cage thing that's open around the abdomen, looking great! I don't think the eye is a problem, just it's location. right now it's kind of a horse eye, but if you maybe just move it down more or something it will at least feel more like a whale or something, pushing it forward it'd be more like a shark. Can't wait to see more1

  2. many thanks! :D
    membranes away! and good point about the atmosphere! i'll throw in a touch of white. i'll also consider keeping the eye. i'll move it around a bit to see if i can get the look im going for. I want the deity to seem almost hostile, so the shark idea sounds like a good option!