blog barf # 3

So just to prove that i have not devolved into a slug, here is everything i could scrap together.....nothing really finished or even that good. but i have been in a giant slump that i feel like im just about to get over.... but i have been sketching like crazy, but none of it is really presentable. Alisons newest work along with some new peeps i found online have really been inspiring me and some new stuff should follow this in a few days....

check these out if you got a chance.....http://theimaginenation.blogspot.com/?zx=81e957b9c5957098

and this....http://conceptcraniopagus.deviantart.com/blog/
(this will take a loooooong time to load)

aaaaaaaand this.... http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/Products/PS3/project_offset/concept_art.html



  1. dear sweet neptune! its a flood of fluke!!!! and theses are some great sketches! :D

    i really love that witch wood armor piece! do more like it! and i'm really digging that aliens head!

  2. I swear, you two are getting obnoxious with all this posting goodness. :) Keep it coming!

    I agree with Alison whole-heartedly. The witchwood armor? Badass. There's a lot of confidence in these digital paintings, and some reeeaaally nice subtle textures in the alien head. Spiffy! Also, I love the goat eye. You guys know how I love goat eyes.