early morning doodle, I think i'm going to try and do one of these kind of studies once a day. their small, I get to focus on painting and concept and it makes me really concentrate on form and lighting. anyways.
photoshop-hour and a half
parasitic armor in the middle of consuming its wearer.


  1. That sounds like an awesome idea, especially if you keep coming up with stuff like this! I really like the lines and shapes created by the hood and some of the brushes you seem to be using toward the bottom, they're quite effective. The form around the neck is also looking good and your faces just look like they take less effort every time, so good on ya there.

    I would recommend trying to throw in some directional lighting to show the form of some of the more ambiguous areas, like the poofy legs and stuff, it's just hard to tell what's going on right now. GREAT 1.5 hour sketch though. Scary good.

  2. thanks for the critique! :D
    I think this one was an accident, i havent been able to make another decent one under 2 hours since :(

    hmmmmmm..... your right, there are a couple of places that need definition. i'll try and throw in some more directional lighting and define a couple of other things.
    i'm so excited about these practices! :D

  3. this is ridiculous! I agree about the faces, they are improving dramatically, this looks more like a confidant badass's work. which you are;)