its a widdle princess!!

another study, just keeping busy.


  1. I was going to ask "when did you get so good at painting, Alison?" and then I realized that'd be stupid because you've been getting better consistently all year. Yikes. For the record, you're scaring Stephen and I, I dunno about Casey, maybe he's used to this.
    Regardless of how good you're getting, the better you are, the harder we can critique! Ha-HA!

    The face is beautiful on this one. One thing to look out for is with shadows on the face--, like the ones on the nose, they start to look more like she has a dogs nose since they're so dark. That is to say, that the local value of her nose is very dark, not just a really dark shadow like is around her eyes.

    My understanding of this is that if you make all of the values in your painting spread equally across the value range, then your image can start to look like it's a high contrast photo, or a posterized image. Flesh tends not to get as dark as other objects because it absorbs light and is illuminated by it so it usually doesn't get as dark as other physical objects when cast in shadow. This is what I have been told by the boys at the ateliers.

  2. ! oh my gosh! i never thought about that with shadows on the face and skin! :0

    haha and thank you for the compliment! I feel like i'm just starting to scratch the surface so please, critique as harshly as you can! :D

    speaking of critiques, i did a paint over on that snow one and I agree with fluke, it needs some other element to help the piece show some super snazzy narrative. be it an alien or just something else, what i did was just put another kid on the tower wearing a crazy coat pointing into the distance. but yeah. thats literally all I got. still a pretty kick ass piece though.
    oh! and can i count my daily's as seasonal? :/