blog barf #2


  1. The blue faux-hawk guy is AWESOME. Suuuch good texture in this one and a really simple but elegant design. Feels like it's just waiting to be 3D modelled. I really like all of the mechanical arms you've been doing lately with these, they're very convincing since the shapes in them feel very industrial. I especially like the hanging tubes and whatnot coming off his arm in this piece. You are using that tube brush VERY well, sir. Very well.
    The one crit I have on the use of that brush is that since it is so uniform, it does tend to stand out, and while those little yellow lines you added in help a LOT, I think it'd be good to try to add some little dots of high lights on some of the rings here and there, it would make them more round and break up the monotony.

  2. Also, as far as sketch pages go, the very top one is so good. I like the character in the faces a lot and the little doodle on the left of the guy with the mask over his face is super awesome. I'd love to see that one realized in paint, the mask anyways, it just looks awesome. Nice jorb! Looking forward to seeing more!