Here are some wips, could you guys help me out with advice on how to work with them perhaps? I'm mostly struggling with the costume on the lady and then the foreground area of the left one... suggestions?

edit -- Hey guys I discovered something kinda fun while making brushes today, if you want a nice, irregular texture brush that can mimic the feel of real paint, try making a brush from these photos of sponges I found and then inverted and screwed with the contrast on. They have some really rich texture and are great for blocking in stuff and just keeping texture in your paint. I found them to be really nice for painting clouds.



  1. Did you have the lady facing the other direction or am I mistaken? If so, I like it facing the other way, this way seems a little off to me for some reason. But besides that I kind of like the drapery thing you have going, maybe make it a little transparent? She could possibly seem more spirit like and/or more enticing.

    The one on the right seems to be going in the right direction to me, maybe have some bigger boulders in the foreground, or maybe some trees that frame them more? Could there be little people below that tree on the right and the two figures you have now could be watching them?

    Just thought I'd throw a bunch of ideas at you

  2. yay! painting clothes time! I saw the finished woman on deviant-art and she was looking great!

    *finished piece on DA critique*

    the woman looks fantastic, but what really caught my attention was the sun speckled tree bough behind her. For me that detail took it from a good painting to an amazing one.
    I have one question though, why didn't you darken the canopy as it got closer towards the viewer? is she actually in a small clearing or is she still connected to the forrest behind her?
    hmm... or maybe anything darker would have messed with the tree branches and her hair?... I don't know.

    either way the piece looked great!

    And on a side note, do you remember the washer sirens in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' She kinda reminds me of those ladies.... but in europe.. during the middle ages.

  3. *critique on the sponges

    new paintbrushes! I cant wait to try these!

  4. *critique on the left piece

    that monster creeps me out, something about that muppet face and those giant soulless eyes take it from cutesy creepy to down right disturbing. I love that little kid though, and his huge blue poncho-jacket. If you had giving him traditional forresting gear (like a utility belt and khaki jacket or what not) I think it wouldn't have had such a nice whimsical effect and could have actually turned out kinda cliche. So good job.

    and I also agree with stephen! more fore ground boulders for a frame would be nice.

  5. Thanks for the feedback both of you! I especially appreciate the thoughts on the left piece since that's what I'm kinda unsure of at the moment. I hope you enjoy the brushes!

  6. these look really interesting, something about the ladies eyes make her look vaguely alien, or fey. I LOVE the creepy creature in the lefty, its really fun imagining the relationship between the two characters. its like hes a souless mud-golem that a young wayward wizard has constructed as a friend. I like stevens idea about putting a few characters into the extreme foreground, maybe normal children that ostracize the would-be wizard? hmmmm....

    but i also like the idea of fading the entire foreground to black/brown. this would push the characters back even more and would be a great spacing for a title treatment.....