ok, so its been a ridiculously long time since I last posted! I hereby promise to add a piece a week! no excuses!!.... though it might just be thesis stuff for the next couple of months :)

 Here are 2 pieces I did this year that I'm really proud of....  But I have a problem, I cant explain why I like these pieces.  Would you guys be willing to help me figure out what I did with the composition? Why do these pieces look more dynamic than my previous stuff?


  1. Because you finally realized that you're a badass and it shows in these because they look CONFIDENT! :D

    Seriously. On a more analytical note: I think part of what makes them strong is the compositions.
    You have really good distribution of values.
    You have colors that are distinct and don't become muddy ever, so they retain their vibrancy.

    Also the compositions are really sweet. Whenever you put a figure in the center of your image you create an iconic composition. Just google "icon painting" and you'll see what I mean! Because of that reference we'll immediately know what's important in the composition, but enough art history talk!
    What's even stronger than that in these is that they have a distinct implied narrative, the figures are gesturing at each other and communicating to us about what's happening and that is awesome!! Also in each image there is a kind of one two relationship going on because there are two important figures in each one. Having two figures on opposite sides of the composition always creates a narrative between them. Narrative is so cool.

    I realize though that I haven't answered the question? Dynamic? Hmm...I think the bottom one is more dynamic than the top because it has really strong atmosphere and has a lot of diagonal lines happening in the composition. Also, having the color super limited like that plays up the drama of the image. The lighting in that also plays to the drama too, since you have the characters moving in and out of the light in really dynamic ways.
    That's not to say the top painting isn't awesome, but I think I would say it's a more successful "iconic" painting than a "dynamic" painting just because the composition is really pyramidal and centralized. Dynamism kind of implies a composition that is off asymmetrical or even thrown off balance.

    I hope this helps? I like talking about composition waaaaay too much (thanks, painting department) and so I can't help but gush about these when you ask a question like that.
    Anywho, thanks for your comments on my posts and these pieces are awesome. You've been growing by crazy leaps this semester. You'll have Jason Chan shaking in his boots soon. :)

  2. I think you like these pieces because they rock! I have a few things that might improve them or not, im not sure, ill do a paintover today and post them instead of beating around the bush for 6 paragraphs!