heres my new 'one a day' piece, its a concept for a dark mage-


  1. This one is so successful to me because there's so much attitude in this pose, it is more of a character concept than a concept design. Keep pushing that idea! I think too often character is separated from design and the result can be stale.
    I'm really excited about how you're showing so much detail with so few strokes in this one, like all of the belts in the middle area, particularly.
    The one quibble I have with this is in the chest area, the marks are really confusing the form there and it's because they aren't telling me what is on top. Try to make the last marks you put down the ones that reinforce that her top is over her skin, and the neck thing is over her breasts. Where they blend into each other it destroys the form you have going on.

  2. thanks!
    sweet! i'll fix that chest piece, I want this little guy to go in the portfolio. :)