well, I've forcefully separated myself from netflix and with all this wonderful time on my hands I decided to crank out another speed painting.  And so here is another version of the same parasite crusader.  Her armor is complete and she's ready to roll, i'll do a farther away piece next to show all of her armor.

photoshop, 3.5 hours - an hour of that was spent on that stinky stinky nose.


  1. This one is my favorite of the three, you could probably slap the greenish tint your so fond of over this and call it donezo. great portfolio piece!

  2. Yeah I have to concur, this really shows everything you've learned in terms of painting form, it's pretty incredible! The next step for you might be just trying to push yourself to be more economical with your marks. Like...how many strokes does it take you to paint a nose? Or at least how many strokes until there is identifiable form and dimension. It's a good challenge.

  3. thanks you guys! :D
    and i'll definetly try out that stroke challenge! i need to get batter at just laying down lines and planes for saving time on faces! :D