I'm back again.

Soooo...this is what I've been working on lately. I guess I'll put it up just to have something to show. The rest of my time I've been sinking into some small freelance projects which I won't be able to show. And working the ol' part time job. I don't know really what's going on in all of these, though, I've been feeling kind of lost this weekend. So yes, comps and painting sketches/experiments with color.

Also, I'm sorry I've been absentee lately, it's been a crazy week. Props to AD(can we call you that? I noticed you signing your pieces that way and it's kind of cool because it's also an acronym for Art Director, which you Fluke will both will invariably be someday) and Fluke for keeping the blog alive!



  1. that hair on the bottom right piece is sooooo pretty. it makes me want to work with color. and those composition pieces are very nice, i really like the one on the far left, it feels very dynamic... i might be using that word too often, but it fits that piece. the one on the right looked too busy at first but after a couple of glances its starting to grow on me. All in all this is a pretty good group! :)

    sure you guys can call me AD. and actually, this blog could have died over the first semester if you guys hadn't kept it going and reminded us to submit work so props to you guys! :D

    art director would be amazing! and I know you guys will get there first so when you do you have to let me know how stressful it actually is, haha!! :D

  2. looking good mate! those are some great little thumbnails for what im guessing is a munchkin battle? Idk if its supposed to read that way, but im getting the feeling that is epic at a very small scale, which is awesome. like a dwarf battle, or kids pretending...and its not letting me full view the top left one for some reason...

    also, its nice to see a lady thats a little outside you usual skin tones, like the lady on the bottom left. the hairy one looks great, but you have really seem have a handle on those tones.

    Maybe the onset of some creepy dark stuff for eth? hehe, alison has gotten me wanting to paint darker stuff, maybe we should all jump on the bandwagon! I know that both of our portfolios could use some scary infected space zombie/flood type baddies.....