possible ideas fo' yo' monkeyman?

I thought i would just post this instead of a long critique post, i hope you dont mind me painting over your monkeyman a little bit eth:)

so, basically i thought he was way too bright for a creepy bloke, so i desaturated him a little, then upped the contrast so he would fade out. Bright colors are not something we usually associate with "creepy-ness", kind of like his eyes. If he had bright blue eyes he wouldnt be nearly as threatening, the jet black, pupil-less eyes are a great way of "darkening" him a bit. The eyes are the window to the soul, so if you cant see them, its off-puting.

staying on the topic off the eyes, i tilted them slightly inward instead of outward. When eyes are slanted inward they tend to look more threating, just like eyebrows. When the bend to the outside they give an impression of jollyness, being drunk, or laughter.

And while i was at it, i went ahead and added a little emphasis on the eyelids to draw a little bit more attention to them, since i think thats where most of the creep factor is coming from.....

so! I think it was adorable as it was, but i was bored, and i hope this helps!

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  1. This is AWESOME! Thanks, Fluke, that nipple idea is especially awkward and could be successful...I'll have to try it out. He does look a lot better being pale, I feel. Thanks a lot for the paintover!