a night of doodlin

The products of last night. I unfortunately lost interest in them rather quickly, or at least the black and white one. Meh. 



  1. okay.... i love that viking but i cant tell if its because of the piece or because i know it was made in like... an hour.....i would say push the chest straps farther buuuuuuuut you said your done with it... so on to the next one.

    surprisingly, its not as creepy in color. and im sure you already know this, but whatever you do don't give him a pointy hat. he would look just like this other artists portrayal of fey creatures. i'll remember his name after a bit and send you a link. but looking good so far, keep it up!

  2. You're so right though, he does lose a lot of creepiness. Maaan. I need to work onn finding a coloration for him that is creepy, then. It was really hard to figure out anything for him colorwise. If you have any ideas or suggestions please share, thanks for the crit!