ok, so i finally think iv figured out why everything i make looks desaturated on other peoples comps and when i post them online. Ive changed my gamma setting from 2.2 to 1.8, which is supposed to be standard, but whatevs.... could you guys give me some feedback and tell me if this image is darker and more saturated than the one i posted a few days ago? or is it the same, and im going CrAzY?

I really have to figure out whats going on because my work looks like SHIT on other peoples computers! its killing me!

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  1. I think it's the same...I wonder if there's something about the viewing angle of your monitor? Since I end up printing a lot of what I do I've started watching where my colors sit in the Painter color triangle and so if I find that a lot of colors are getting too close to black on the color triangle I start pushing toward more saturation so things don't get bland and stuff like that.
    Maybe you can make something look how you want it to look saturation/brightness wise on someone else's computer and then come back to yours and just observe/color select different points and look at the value and saturation levels and how they're different from your original. Hopefully that makes sense.