I'm not being lazy!

Okay guys. So this is a just a little bit of the stuff that I can show at the moment. Some sketches that I haven't really thrown up anywhere else yet and a piece I did for Simutronics for freelance that I can show since it's up on their website now. I might ask you guys some opinions on compositions in the coming days since I have to start working on a little more long term painting.

Thanks for sharing and keeping us all accountable, Alison!



  1. okay, I can honestly say, out of all of these the second from the bottom is the one im most excited about. its pose, its coloring and the rough gesture of the costume tell a story. I almost like it more than the finished 'quelling the riot' piece. I know theres a whole mess of 'lady pilot' pieces out there but I think this ones pretty strong. also, I took it into photoshop, flipped it, and now I like it even mooooore.

    i also love the warm lighting on the girls back on the last one. also, Fluke and I agree that the lighting coming through the blinds is very very nice.

    all in all, good work, the 1st piece looks amazing!

  2. Cool thanks Alison! I agree with you that the pilot lady is a common theme, I'll have to work with it some more. I have a real problem with starting things and not finishing them when it comes to these sketches. I'll work with it some more! Thanks for the thoughts, Alison/Fluke!

  3. ......also, they castle siege piece is a great bit for your portfolio. if you end up doing anything like what ive been doing out here, in the facebook/ipad games area, thats exactly the kind of stuff they are looking for. Not the most rewarding work, but it will keep you fed!

  4. Oh that's good to know! I'd better put it up on the site then! Gosh I still need to make that over, too... Ahh...boy. I hope you're enjoying the weather out there! It snowed in KC a little bit yesterday.