AHHHH! so far behind!

so heres some of the things i've done over break.

a kid and her friendly robot, a harpy concept, and the concept page for said harpy.

i'm not crazy about the final harpy, so i think i'll do another one. and that kids face...... theres something proportionally wrong with it, if you guys spot it would you let me know what it is? I am totally at a loss with it :(

anyway, catch you guys later :)


  1. Lookin' goods! I like the silhouettes that you played around with on your harpy lady. As for the kid, first thing I see is that s/he has a really long nose. Maybe a long face overall? It looks like you get better at modeling with every painting!

  2. I'm with Theo totally on the kid's face. The longer your nose, the older you are pretty much. The silhouette designs are awesome shapes. I give you mad props for that.
    As for your harpy, I did a paintover here:
    The problems I see are as follows. I kinda did a really lame diagram and drew out what I thought the size of the bones and things would be. I'll give it to you as simply as possible since I know I tend to be excessive with words.

    Her right arm is waay long, like the forearm is the length of her entire thigh. I see a lot of problems as being issues of you not giving the viewer enough information. Like her arm in the background could work fine, but because it's a silhouette, we don't know if it's going away from us or what. If you want to show something that is extremely foreshortened as the legs appear to be, show something next to it that is not foreshortened, so that we can see a relationship between the two forms. Also, take advantage of cross contour and lighting to show that something is receding. I found that her torso lacked some depth, based off of where her neck was coming out. I also gave her a shoulder, which doesn't work with your design but I think it's something that needs to be suggested to show us where her distant arm is coming from. I also shrunk her head a bit since it was basically the size of her ribcage. Keep yourself in check while you're drawing by reminding yourself that your skull can probably fit at least twice in your ribcage. Just reminding yourself of the big picture stuff. Hope this helps! Kudos on your staying productive out in Pasadena, I hope you're enjoying yourself!