CA portfolio reviews

In case you didn't get enough good reviews at Spectrum, this is also a good possibility for portfolio reviews. Has anyone tried this yet? I read a post of someone thanking them for the review and they mentioned the names Jason, George and John, which I assume is Manley, Manchess and English, so it can be assumed that they are amongst those reviewing if not the only ones.
I'm thinking of giving it a try because you can always use some good, honest feedback, and hopefully they'd be honest, maybe even have some recommendations.


Anywho, I'll be posting more work this week, I got swamped by the 4th and then got a freelance job so my free time has been out of commission.
Perhaps we could all consider trying a group project or at least a weekly theme? Maybe that just means we should all participate in one of the weeklies over at CGHUB, since Donal mentioned them earlier. Thoughts? We just got to make sure that EVERYBODY participates!



  1. I'm up for doing a group thing, although everyone seems busy right now. I have some free time during PCAL, mostly on week days though.

  2. I would be down for this. I have been super busy lately but I just got off of a work cycle and i dont really have any personal work thats begging to be done so it sounds good to me. Its monday tomorrow, does the cghub weeklies go from monday-sunday? We could try doing the one for this week.