Repin and Sargent studies

Finally getting some painting done, not long after the spectrum show I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and lost control of my eyelids and half my face. Thank god it's only temporary but for this last month I couldn't draw, paint, read or anything. It was like torture but I'm on the mend and back at it. 


  1. Sorry to hear about that man, that's really rough! I'm glad to hear it was temporary and you're up and at 'em though. Hopefully you foudn some things to be inspired by and bring back with you after being forcibly removed from art for that time.
    Doing studies after Sargent is so freaking hard just because he's so subtle in his application of paint.
    My main crit on these is that the flesh tone, while it has the warmth of the reds and yellows, doesn't have the suggestion of greens or blues that lie under the skin. I think the greens are particularly what's missing. I think it's a matter of looking for hue rather than value in certain areas, like in the forehead area of Sargent's portrait of Vernon, there are a couple of planes that shift toward green rather than just being a lighter shade of "flesh color".

    I've found it helpful to put a greenish brown midtone as the base for flesh in my work because then you have something to try to preserve while you build up warmer tones.
    All throughout these though you've got some reeeaaally nice edges which I think a real strength in your work, everything you paint is very sculpted and solid. Kudos!

  2. ouch!

    thats a way better excuse than I have Dustin, but im glad to here it was temporary!

    I think these are great, its always nice to have a shit ton of studies and figure drawings on hand to show, and you always learn something from them, even if it doesnt feel like it at the time.

    I would say after reading Erics crit, I would say that they do tend to lack the cool tones of the flesh. The do have an awesome sense of "finished-ness" about them though, especially the top guy, i fucking love him.

  3. Glad to hear that you are better, great studies!