Wacom Cintiq

Just saw that they are launching two new models.  Still crazy expensive, but at least they are upgrading them.



I've been looking at maybe getting a 12wx, not sure though.  Might just settle for a intous 5, my bamboo fun small from 2007 kills my hand.


  1. A year ago I picked up the new version of the 21ux large cintiq - wish i had known an "HD" version was going to drop. At first it was weird painting digitally with my hand in the way but now I absolutely love it. $3699 is just crazy though for those new ones.

  2. Yeah you've got to take care of your most important equipment:your hands! I know those are going to be outside of my price range for a while at least...I bet those screens will be just gorgeous though.
    I need to get a larger monitor so that I'm not stuck using my laptop screen which isn't exactly consistent with the rest of the world in all cases.

    Anyone have recommendations for monitor brands? Talking to the guys at MK12 I learned that they had done research and found that the same manufacturer makes both Dell and Apple monitors and that you just pay twice as much for that sexy brushed aluminum. So with that knowledge I'm thinking about going for a nice 24" dell if I can.

  3. Heh, did not know that about dells/apple. Good to know, I was thinking about picking up the Yiynova '19, supposed to run well on windows 7, have a better screen than the cintiqs and it has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. Only downside is the pen needs a battery, but I'm not too picky.

  4. Update: Do not get a yiynova, I got the 10.1 inch, its ok, but nowhere near wacom quality and I am luckily returning it for a full refund. Going to settle for an intous5 medium.