Any of you guys have cghub?  I joined back in March, and I sent Eric a contact request a little while ago.  If you do I'm usually on it regularly, so send me a contact request.


Anyway started working on this today, any pointers?

So I didn't like where it was going, thinking of a giant robot coming ashore, crowds running, flak guns hitting around....we'll see.  


  1. I really dig the atmosphere and all of the shadowy foreground. One thin that might be valuable for you is to try placing a figure in this space to establish where the eye level is. I have a feeling that if there was a figure in there, the fence would be too low to be useful.

    Also, the dramatic sharp angle it's at makes it seem like it's dipping into the ground. Make sure you're still maintaining the perspective throughout the whole image!

    All in all, this is a very nice study for atmosphere and light. I've been coming to the conclusion that those two things are what make anything and everything really look convincing. Keep it up!

  2. I agree, light is the the selling point on making anything believable, its also the hardest part to pull off convincingly because we are surrounded by the real thing 24/7.

    I really like the robot though, its pose is very interesting with the one tentacle whipped up like its attacking or walking in a very exaggerated manner.

    One thing that might help though is to try and find an area of focus. With all the textures you are using there is lots of interesting things to draw the eyes into the dark foreground, the sea, and the beach, but my eye just tends to wander and not settle anywhere. A nice hierarchy of detail will draw your your eyes to where you want them. maybe the beach with a few figures on it? or a capsized boat underneath the raised tentacle?