By Dustin's recommendation I did these 15 min. photo studies.Below them are some quick little 5 or 10 min vehicle sketches that I did yesterday and I'm now seeing how many different ways I could do them better to show their material and everything.I think the number one weakness I have with vehicles and buildings is just plain lack of familiarity with them. It sure is hard to capture the essence of something in a few strokes if you really don't even know what it looks like. Expect more vehicles from me in the future I guess!Comments and crits always welcome.
Also--one of my concept art/illustration heroes, Jaime Jones of artpad.org , just posted a little process thing on his blog that I quite enjoyed just because to me it reinforced in my mind that everybody works differently. Enjoy!


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  1. oooooh, looking good. these would look good on a giant comp of thumbnails for your portfolio, ive seen i few of them on pros sites. I took a look at all of J. Jones stuff, and i have quite a bit of his stuff in my morgue file, but i had no idea some of those pieces came from the same guy. Awesome guy to learn from and his process doesn't look too painful or magical.

    anywhoose, If your looking to do more vehicles you should check out some of Feng Zhu videos on vehicle sketching, or look at lots of doug chiang drawings...they both have a very systematic approach to doing vehicles that might be helpful.

    keep up the good work!