Animation fun

I've been working on a fun acting animation that I could put in my reel, so I don't have so much Robo-san in it.  I'm trying to time it all out first, so I thought I could ask you guys if it seems to be working.  The part when he he's bent over for the jump I want to be kind of a build up and then I want him to hang in the air for a bit.  Then the part when he just flips over is where I'm gonna have a dog run under him and knock him over.  It's gonna be fast, but where he's just stuck in the air is where you'll get to see the dog (it'll be slow motion).

Any advice is appreciated



  1. Stephen what I see so far is that maybe the little hop before the jump feels kind of short and that with as much momentum as he's got, he doesn't swing very far after grabbing onto the the object. I think you're doing really well with the poses in using that rig though!

  2. looking good for a first pass on posing Stephan, it will be cool to see a second pass with more secondary motions, like what the arms/waist are doing. Also, if you are going to have a moving camera or different angles, its always a good idea to rough that out in the beginning stages as well, just to see what it looks like from that perspective. Sometimes things dont translate right when viewed from a certain angle, and you have to exaggerate or ignore realistic physics to get the shot...this makes me want to animate again though, i loved doing these motion tests!