Hey all, sitting here doing this right now, finish a little bit later, about 40 minutes or so right now.

Trying to just start in color, actually enjoying it, working using a pic I took at Loose Park a few weeks back, had some great lighting and color relationships.

Thoughts welcome.



  1. Dude, huuuuge improvement! Nice work so far. Starting from the red ground is really bringing out the greens that your working with, I would almost say to hold back on them a little bit as they're looking kind of ridiculously saturated, haha. Slip some yellows in there so it's not so monochromatic. You could also consider putting some bluish highlights on them, to suggest the reflections of the sky on the waxy leaves.

    The main weakness I'm seeing right now is the texture of the tree trunk isn't helping it push forward with the same effectiveness as the texture of the leaves in the background.

    Also--the dark strip of the edge of the pond, while probably that dark in your reference around the trees, would probably end up more effective if you lightened it more to the tone that's underneath the shrub to its right. It starts to feel like the darkest thing in the composition, which really makes it fight with the foreground. Neutralizing it more toward that blue grey you have will keep it feeling far away, same thing for the reddish fence back there.

    Huge leaps, dude. Bravo.

  2. thanks! I feel as though I'm improving, what wonders using reference does. I'm going to try to do a study every day, while working on other aspects of art. Can't wait for xmas break, also heading to Vermont in the dead of winter..should I risk the computer in the cold :D