Working on some character stuff for a project...WIP now.  Just wanted to keep up posting.

Update, able to work a bit more on him, his upper body seems a bit weird, thoughts?

How's everyone else doing?


  1. Still looks very rough but there's something more confident about the value. carry on!

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    1. New job's fine so far, this will be my first week of doing all 3D modelling though, that might be a little rough. It seems as though it's worth your while to be acquainted with as much software and other peoples' workflows as possible. Everyone ends up having their fingers in everything in game dev it seems.

      My main crit on the figure is that his legs feel like they're different lengths since there's no ground plane and one foot is definitely smaller than the other. Try mirroring this before you continue, it might be that his legs are just too wide-set for as small as his torso is? I really love the texture around your light source, those are some sexy brushes you're using.

  3. Cool, sounds like a challenge, my teacher here keeps telling me to get into creating UV textures..etc..so that I can do more on a team.

    And the torso is a problem, I'll work on this more after I kill off some of my mounting homework for the week.

    I created my own brush set using existing brushes slightly modified..if you're using photoshop you might want to check out the dry media set.